The Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract

Health nuts all over the world are abuzz because of the newest discovery in dietary health: green coffee bean extract. With many leading health experts around the world proclaiming the benefits of green coffee extract, diet companies and the general public at large are giving it a serious look. Although the product has been around for a while in the diet industry, most people believe that the modern trend toward its current popularity started when it was mentioned on Dr. Oz in 2012. Here are the facts so that you can make an informed decision about your position on the subject.

What is green coffee bean extract?

Although the word “extract” brings to mind additional steps in order to make a product, green coffee bean extract is actually easier to make from a coffee seed than coffee. The coffee seed is green to begin with and must actually be roasted in order to create the visual texture that coffee lovers enjoy. If the seed is left unroasted, then it remains green inside of a red shell. In order to make green coffee bean extract, the only thing that must be done is that the green seed is taken out of the red seed shell. This is done by first soaking the seed, then concentrating it.

The added cosmetic benefit for people who do not drink coffee in the morning is that the green coffee bean does not actually taste like coffee.

The Appetite Suppressing Nature of the Coffee Bean

The coffee seed has a natural appetite suppressant known as chlorogenic acid. Roasted coffee beans still maintain some of the properties of this acid, hence the appetite suppressing nature of coffee. If the coffee seed is left unroasted, the chlorogenic acid inside of it is actually much greater.

Chlorogenic acid is also thought to be a natural fat blocker in the body as well. Other characteristics that help professionals attribute to chlorogenic acid include weight loss properties, a decrease in carbohydrate absorption of the body and the regulation of sugar levels in the body after meals.

What exactly is green coffee bean extract supposed to do for me?

Because of the properties of the chlorogenic acid inside of the coffee bean, green coffee bean extract is supposed to decrease your appetite while blocking fat and carbs, making it much easier for you to lose weight. Although this seems like a natural fit if you believe that chlorogenic acid has all of the properties that were mentioned above, there are some questions in the health community about those findings.

What evidence is there that green coffee extract actually does what it says?

A largely quoted study in 2012, a study that was used by Dr. Oz on his program, showed that people who consumed relevant doses of green coffee bean extract were able to lose weight when compared to a group that did not. Although this study was actually funded by a green coffee bean extract manufacturer, there have also been independent studies conducted on the properties of green coffee bean extract. They also found that the antioxidants in green coffee bean extract definitely do have some positive effect on the weight loss properties of the human body.

Are there any side effects?

Most of the side effects from green coffee bean extract come from the caffeine that resides in the coffee. People who react negatively to caffeine will also have the same side effects when they consume green coffee bean extract. But the caffeine content in green coffee bean supplements is minima (much less than in coffee), so most users do not have any side effects at all.

People who have side effects that are based on caffeine should look for green coffee bean extract with a reduced caffeine property. There are many manufacturers who create the extract and separate the caffeine from the rest of the product. In order to avoid heightened effects, people who are allergic or distasteful to caffeine should avoid taking green coffee bean extract with supplements like guarana.

The bottom line about green coffee bean extract

The pros far outweigh the cons when it comes to the properties and the safety of this product. The green coffee bean extract product itself is quite effective when it comes to weight loss, fat burning and reducing the carbs in the body. Even the side effects that are created by the product can be avoided with the proper research. If you are looking to lose weight and you need a product to help you in your daily life, green coffee bean extract is definitely a supplement for you. Be sure to consult a trusted doctor before taking a commitment to any supplement in your day-to-day life.