Good & Bad Food

Everyone has his own preferences especially when it comes to diets. In most cases, the diet one puts himself or herself on is mostly dependent on the needs of the body and sometimes some cultural requirements. There are those who are comfortable on vegetable diet and those who cannot do without beef. There are other people who are comfortable with sugar and those who can do well on salad. What matters here are the body dictates and the type of food that is available.

There are chemical and sugar laced foods which are not good for the body and which one must avoid. Identifying these types of foods early enough could be helpful in ensuring that you do not eat foods that will hurt you. The worst foods of all times and which dieticians recommend that you avoid are the following.

Bad foods

Ice Cream

ice creamIce cream is loved by everyone. It is full of sugar and trans fats. The flavors and the artificial food colors used are dangerous and damage the nervous system. There are very few positive things that can be said of ice cream. On average, ice cream is bad and hazardous to your health.


Corn and tortilla Chips

Corn that has been genetically modified is dangerous and bad. Corn is the main cause of blood fluctuations which characterizes itself in mood swing, irritability and weight gain. Corn and the tortilla chips if fried in oil will turn in rancid which is a main cause of inflammation.


Generally, pizza is not bad but when it is frozen, and laced with dough conditioners and preservatives, it react with the body the same way sugar reacts causing an increase in blood sugar imbalances and unwanted weight gains.

French fries

French fries contain fats which have been linked to various diseases because they contain carcinogenic substances. When white potatoes are heated at high temperatures, they form acryl amide. The oil that is used to heat it will turn rancid especially when oxygen is available and the temperature rises beyond certain levels. This is what causes inflammation and this may cause serious conditions such as heart diseases, arthritis and cancer.

Potato Chips

Despite the few benefits that are derived from potatoes, the highest level of acryl amide that is found in potato chips is what makes it to be classified as bad food.


According to the latest research, daily consumption of bacon meat increases the risk of heart diseases. According to a study carried out at Columbia University, eating bacon 14 times every month damages functions of the lungs and is suspected to increase the risk of having your lungs completely damaged.

Hot Dogs

According to a study conducted at the University of Hawaii, the consumption of hot dogs and processed meat increases the risks of contracting pancreatic cancer by 67 %. Hot dogs and bacon contains high levels of sodium nitrates which have been linked to leukemia and brain tumors among infants. Colorectal cancer is also promoted by sodium nitrate making it mandatory for hotdogs to be classified as bad food.

Good foods


fresh broccoliBroccoli contains 100 percent of the vitamins which the body requires. It also contains over 200 % of the Vitamin C recommended for your body. One needs at least one serving to help him wade off numerous cancers ailments.

Broccoli is recommended for the bones and fighting cold. It has also been established that Broccoli enhances the performance of the circulatory system. However, the only way you can preserve broccoli so as to preserve 90 % of its vitamin C is by microwaving it. When it is boiled or steamed, only 66 % of the nutrients are preserved.


Salmon is not only good food but healthy. It is a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids that reduces chances of suffering from a number of ailments such as heart disease, depression and cancer. One should receive a 2 ounce serving which contains half the amount of niacin required by the body. Niacin is vital in protecting the body against Alzheimer’s diseases and the loss of the memory. Wild salmon are recommended because they contain 16 times less toxic elements than the farm-raised ones.


A single lemon is enough for you since it contains 100 percent of the vitamin C that your body requires. It helps in increasing the HDL cholesterol levels which strengthens the bones. Lemon contains citrus flavonoids that inhibit the growth of cancer cells and thus it can be used as an anti-inflammatory product.


The red potato is said to contain 66 micrograms of foliate known to build the body cells. The sweet potato contains plenty of vitamin A which is required to fight cancer. It contains fat resistant starch but one should allow the potato to cool before eating it if he wants to maximize on the benefits. A similar amount of foliates can only be gotten from one cup of broccoli or spinach.

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