Yeast Infection

Yeast Infection No More Review

Over seventy percent of women will at one point or another suffer from yeast infection.

Such a yeast infection will make your life miserable if it is not dealt with properly. There are many people who have been forced to go through a lot of discomfort because they did not know how to handle the infection.

One reason is that many people go through it is because they don’t know what to do. There are many books out there covering yeast treatment, with Yeast Infection No More by Linda Allen being one of the most known ebooks.

Yeast Infection No More has been one of the best books on yeast infection for quite a while. The book has over one hundred and fifty pages of content explaining everything there is to know about yeast infections. This book is not just a quick fix guide. The book promises to help you completely eradicate yeast infection if seriously followed.

Who is Linda Allen?

The Yeast Infection No more was written by Linda Allen. She is a nutritionist, health consultant and a person who suffered from yeast infection herself, hence her interest for these medical condition. She is from California. There are many treatment books out there and over the counter products, but it can sometimes be hard to know what works and what doesn’t.

The book contains a lot of information, and this can be overwhelming for some readers. People looking to have a quick fix to treat the infection may be intimidated at first. The good thing is that this will be the last book they read on yeast infection.

Women who have read and applied what they learned have been able to permanently get rid of the infection. The book is also unique because it deals with every element needed to treat such a yeast infection. The book goes into all details regarding lies, myths, and fallacies surrounding the subject of yeast infection.

What’s inside the Yeast Infection No More Book

The book is long and has a lot of data. The book has 327 pages and it is the second edition of this e-book. You can decide to reduce the font, but the book is not hard to follow. Linda Allen is an experienced nutrition expert who has experienced the condition first hand. The book tries to completely get rid of yeast infection by dealing with the base reason for getting it. It is not a guarantee for a speedy cure, but the plan should give relief from the symptoms through a 12-hour relief plan.

If you are the type of person who refuses to change diet and eat healthily, then there is no need to waste your time reading the book. There are a number of changes you will have to make if you want relief. If you don’t want to follow a diet, you can opt for a herbal mixture and remedies to provide relief. The first chapter is an introduction.

Chapter 2: The chapter deals with the basic reasons for yeast infections. Allen covers everything from how bad diet weakens the immunity system and how it can result in a yeast infection. You will be able to see it from different angles and be able to pin down the exact cause of your yeast infection. This information will help you treat it and keeping it from coming back.

Candida produces Acetaldehyde, a poisonous waste material that turns into ethanol that results in the symptoms you have been getting. These symptoms include vaginal candida, mouth thrush, mouth sores, upper back pain, confusion, bloat, bad headaches, leg syndrome, blurred vision, and athlete’s foot. She emphasizes that people should listen to their own bodies, eat the right food and take responsibility for their own health.

Chapter 3: How to tell if you have yeast infection

You will be able to read about how miscellaneous testing doctors do and what is involved in the process. The chapter shows how some traditional doctors do not diagnose yeast infection very well. She presents a checklist and a list of questions seemingly unrelated, all in an effort to help you with knowing if you have a yeast infection.

Chapter 4: the chapter deals with the 12 Hour relief treatment. The treatment will spell out what you are supposed to do over the period hour by hour, and the process is a little messy, you need to be ready. There are many herbal wash recipes you can use to get rid of the symptoms.

You might be tempted to stop the treatment once the symptoms start going away, but this is never a good idea, the symptoms will come back because of the recurring infection feature. Following the treatment entirely will ensure permanent elimination of your yeast infection. There is also the cure for nail fungus infection which is another symptom of yeast infection.

Chapter 5: this provides a smaller treatment regimen for people who don’t have the time to follow the entire program.

Chapter 6: it details the entire five step Yeast Infection No More program to deal with a yeast infection. You will have to follow a strict diet because it has six vital dietary principles to help you become yeast infection free.

The eBook also provides you with a list of supplements you will need.

It contains a detoxification plan that will provide you with a perfect guide on following raw food diet, fasting, and juice cleansing while listening to your body. You will get to learn more about your digestive system, and how you can improve your general health.

Section 2 of the eBook explains lifestyle choice you make that may be contributing to yeast infections. Section three will provide you with information on how you can keep your environment yeast infection free. The eBook will provide you with a lot of advice that you will use when you have a yeast infection. You will also in a better position to help people who may be going through the condition.

The information you will get from the book will go a long way in helping you learn more about the infection and how you can get rid of it permanently.

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