Lean Belly Breakthrough Review

Would you agree with the statement:

Belly fat is stubborn

Lean Belly breakthrough is an ebook written by Bruce Krahn and Dr. Heinrick that claims to help one lose one pound of belly fat daily. It is written for those over 35 years of age.

Krahn is a personal trainer and an expert in the fitness field. The book offers a refund after 60 days if this method doesn’t work. Krahn mentioned that Dr. Heinrick is a nickname that he gave to a real doctor in Germany so that he can stay away from book interviews. This guide does not include a diet or any drugs. The authors added that it can prevent and even reverse diabetes and heart disease, which are caused by obesity.

Abdominal obesity is a serious problem facing so many people over the world.

Patients often find the belly fat hard to shed using diet and exercise and few people stick with their regimen to notice or maintain sufficient weight loss. Belly fat is associated with many diseases and health problems. Belly fat includes the fat layer below the skin (or the subcutaneous fat) and the more serious visceral fat (the fat around the organs).

Visceral fat is very serious since it is associated with serious diseases such as cancer. Many people suffer from belly fat even if their overall body weight is in the normal BMI range. Shedding belly fat is essential for improving your health.

Nowadays, we live very busy lives where we are often stressed and have a short time left to relax. This makes us resort to junk food and crave sweets. We often feel lazy to exercise and we easily succumb to an unhealthy lifestyle. This book is there to help us get once again on track and in control of our lives. We are reminded of the choices we need to make every day to remain fit and healthy.

The book is a step-by-step guide that is easy to follow.

It does not require the challenging extreme diet or the intensive exercises that people usually quit rapidly. It relies on using simple foods, herbs and spices to bring the body back to a balanced state. It shows you the effect of nutrients in different foods and herbs on the hormones that affect fat storage.

The book will teach you which foods to avoid and why you should get rid of them. It will help you prepare your kitchen and fridge with the right ingredients and appliances for the program. It has a workout program and a sheet to monitor your progress. The book even indicates the foods that can increase libido.

Krahn guarantees the results

The fact that Krahn is experienced in the fitness field adds credibility to this book. He has studied fitness, nutrition and human physiology, which makes him a qualified expert to listen to. He has worked with many clients including celebrities. His meal choices are delicious and his workout plan is suitable even for older people. The book can be helpful to everyone reading it.

Easy program

The program is simple and straight to the point. There are videos to guide you through the program. The meals and the workout are simple. The patients don’t have to go to gyms or to clinics to apply the mentioned techniques. This can ensure that the program is economical and practical.

Cheap program

You only have to invest in the book for a reasonable price and then you are ready to go. You have no supplements or medications to purchase and you don’t have to get a gym membership.

Follow the rules

You will not get the results you wish if you don’t follow the rules of this program. There is no shortcut when it comes to weight loss that you can maintain.

The program can only help you if you stick to the meals it offers and the workout duration and frequency mentioned. You have to be committed to adherence to the program. However, the book still gives you a cheat day when you can eat the foods you enjoy even if they were not that healthy.

One pound/day?

The goal promised by this book is claimed to be an exaggeration that is there mainly for the marketing purpose. But this does not mean that the program does it work.

It has helped many people lose several pounds in a month and that is still promising. Once you see you are shedding that stubborn belly fat, you get more enthusiastic to adhere more to the weight loss plan ahead of you.

Some people also argue that this is too fast a weight loss program. Losing more than 1-2 pounds per week is considered fast weight loss which may not be the safest option. Some experts claim that fast weight loss is not sustainable and so it is not a long-term solution.


The book is only available online and so you have to go through the program on your own. While some people like online courses, others prefer a real-life alternative. This further ensures that you need real compliance to the rules when it is only you who is involved. However, this book suits our hectic lifestyles. It will not add to your daily chores but you can simply follow the program from the comfort of your home.

Only Belly fat?

Losing fat off your midsection only is a myth. You can’t focus your weight loss on a certain spot of the body. But with diet and exercise, your overall body fat is lost and therefore you start losing belly fat. This suggests that the program name may not be so accurate.

Although we cannot find exactly the mechanism by which this program works and we can’t be sure of the number of reliable reviews with the feedback of those who tried this program, yet it is promising. There is nothing to lose by applying a healthy lifestyle and this book can help suggest how to get started. Even if the goal of losing one pound every day is unrealistic, however, replacing the unhealthy habits with healthier ones eventually pays off.

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