Leaner for the summer

lean womanThe sunny days are back and summer is around the corner! And many people wonder how they can get back in shape on time. Discover some tricks to be on top this summer! Sea, sun and stars!

At the risk of stating the obvious there are 3 things that will help you lose weight. Pay attention to what you eat, exercise more and use dietary supplements.

A day when we go to the beach, it is not easy to resist the seller of churros, waffles and three flavor cones. Remain stoic! How about some strawberry-milk or milk-chocolate. Individually wrapped, the straw Sipahh contains flavored beads to dip in a glass of cow’s milk or soy. Each one contains only half a teaspoon of sugar, 13 Cal. Enough to refuel the spirit with mild calcium! A lollipop? Chupa Chups with Light Caramel or Strawberry flavor Cremosa or even Bubbly with integrated chewing gum, there is a lot of variety. And then it keeps you busy for a good quarter of an hour for only 29 Cal, no sugar!

A fake sugar changes. Take a stick for your yogurt: a caramel with aspartame taste as the new Canderel, or some reduced sugar treats in passing the intestinal flora. A chocolate cake? A layer of biscuit, another dark chocolate with no added sugar. The Pti’Kot Chocolat false airs of Small Schoolboy, only costs 52 Cal and provides 50% more protein than a basic cookie. A can of diet soda? Drink Fiz citrus, a sparkling water source, deliciously tangy, which tops out at 2.9 Kcal / 100 cl.

At dinner, flee the lipids. They are heavy to digest, they delay sleep. Prefer starches. Yes pasta al dente, but it is forbidden to approach those overcooked ones, or the quick cooking rice. Their glycemic index is so high that you might as well feed yourself with sugar lumps. For potato, same fight. In their skins, it’s perfect. But mashed they immediately climb the caloric index. It’s amazing, but that’s how it is.

A trick to keep the line before the beach is to drink two glasses of water before each meal, a healthy way to not make too many gaps. For the greedy, it is better to eat several meals in small quantities rather than a big plate. Finally, alcohol stimulates cravings and appetite, so only consume very little. To keep the line before the show with their dream bodies in bikini, some models take Epsom salt baths for a good detoxifying and relaxing treatment. Else drink green juices.

Exit sugary sodas and other drinks, enjoy organic avocado, spinach or broccoli cocktails, which not only have detox properties, but are very good for transit. Also green juice, but rather sweet with plenty of vitamins sipping nectar from apples, pears and aloe that bring just the needed carbs and are extremely refreshing.
lean girls
Another trick. Drink every morning a few tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar. A detox ritual that also prevents cravings and which does not snack between meals. To get a perfect body before the summer, you need to just forget greed as peanuts, chips and other salty snacks pleasures! To refine your body replace the chips with rice cakes every time the urge to snack takes you. You can even afford rice cakes with chocolate, a low calorie gap had its effect.

Finally relearn to eat to satiety, slowly, only swallowing what your band can get. Avoid bread, sweets, etc… And stop counting calories with a calculator. It has been proven that stress from this kind of neurotic behavior produced an adverse effect on the body, which when stressed stores more, and does not get leaner!

Last but not least try dietary supplements, you never know they may work well for you.