Cardiovascular diseases

There are many risk factors that can put your life in danger. The most common risks are accidents, and then chronic diseases. Under the category of chronic diseases, cardiovascular disease is responsible for more than 60 percent of deaths due to chronic reasons. The question we all ask is whether cardiovascular disease can be prevented before it causes damage to our bodies.

The answer to this question is yes! There are many nutritional factors that will help the disease to develop and there are also some factors that will help humans to fight the disease. Below are some examples of nutritional factors that can help to prevent heart disease.

Do not eat:


When we say salt this means table salt, which is sodium chloride. The important factor in it is the sodium. The more sodium in our diets, the greater the pressure in our blood vessels; this will cause the vessels to become hard and it will cause cardiovascular diseases. Salt increases the volume of blood. Hence, it gives a boost to the density of blood. So, more weight will be on our vessels.

hamburger and fries

French fries:

Today all of us eat French fries. These are made from potatoes, so this means that the potato is bad for cardiovascular diseases? The answer is No! It is the oil which they use to fry them that causes major problems. This is the cheap quality oil that has high concentrations of trans-fats, which can cause cardiovascular diseases. French fries absorb oil during the process. This oil is an enemy of our hearts.

Fast foods:

There are many other fast foods that increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Beef burgers can be high in fats and cholesterol, including trans-fats, which are called the bad fats. There are other foods like chicken nuggets and the like that fall into this same category. These all are really dangerous if you have cardiovascular diseases and you should avoid them if you do not want to develop cardiovascular diseases.


Foods You Can Eat:


Green vegetables are really important for treating and preventing these diseases. Green vegetables contain fiber and a lot of water that are really good for the heart and all other tissues, so this will help those with cardiovascular diseases.


Margarine is better than butter because it has a low concentration, and in some cases does not have, trans-fats at all. It will go in the body and will improve the vessels.


There are some vitamins that will improve the vessels and cause the body to improve the damage caused by cardiovascular diseases. These vitamins are called antioxidants. These vitamins are important and can be obtained from fish liver oil, cod liver oil and vegetables.

Whole grains:

The term whole grain means a lot. It includes all of the grain and not just parts that lack fiber. You have to eat it as a whole, if you want the nutritional benefits. In the case of whole grain, the grain is not sieved, as in the case of wheat and whole wheat flour. This is really good because it contains fiber and will decrease cholesterol in the diet.

Low cholesterol diet:

The low cholesterol diets are the diets that have fats but do not have cholesterol. These are really good diets for heart patients or we say patients with cardiovascular diseases. These diseases are related to the vessels and the heart so anything that causes an increase in vessel rigidity, like cholesterol, will result in an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases.


Blueberries are heart protecting fruits and full of antioxidants. These are the fruits that contain vitamin C and other major vitamins. They are really good for heart patients and if they are consumed before cardiovascular diseases develop, these fruits will help to protect you from disease.


In general, fish are really good foods to eat since the heart is protected by the protein in fish and many other compounds that help in cardiovascular diseases. Salmon is really good in this case because it is one of the best fish for heart patients. It contains a lot of good fats that have a high density of lipoproteins and the vitamins that are needed for protection from cardiovascular diseases.

Soy protein:

This is the type of protein that is obtained from soy, which is a plant. We all know that plants are really good for the diets of patients with cardiovascular diseases. Soy protein is also really good for people that want to get protection from cardiovascular diseases. If a person has risk factors and a family history of cardiovascular diseases, soy protein is the protein of choice.


This is one of the most important whole grain foods as it is made from whole oats. The oats are crushed as a whole and packed. The oatmeal has really high amounts of fiber that will lower cholesterol in the body and hence protect it from the cardiovascular diseases. This is also important because it contains carbohydrates that have a really good glycemic index, so it is really good for patients with cardiovascular diseases and that have chances of developing cardiovascular diseases.


In the world of edible plants, spinach is one of the plants that has a really high concentration of iron. Since it is really rich in iron, it can really help in the formation of protein that makes the blood and the myofibers, meaning the fibers that make the muscles, so in the end it helps to build muscle tissue in the heart.

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