Sciatica SOS

Sciatica is a term that is used to describe the symptoms that are related to leg pain like numbness, weakness and tingling. This pain originates in the lower back in the sciatic nerve, and the pain travels along the sciatic nerve through the buttocks and into the legs. The nerve branches off into both legs and this a person experience pain in their legs.

The clinical polls all agree. Over 30% of the world’s adult population will experience the symptoms of sciatica at least one time during their lives. If you or someone you know suffers with nerve pain, you will be empowered after reading this review. You will be among the top 10% of people in the world with the knowledge you need to eliminate sciatica. You do not have to take any dangerous pills or concoctions, just a few minutes of time to implement the strategies in your daily routine.

Recognizing The Symptoms Of Sciatic Pain

There are several symptoms that are commonly related to sciatica and they include:
Pain that becomes worse when you sit
Consistent pain in the leg or buttocks (usually pain is only in one leg)
Pain in the leg that is described as tingling, weakness or burning
Pain that is severe to make it difficult to stand
Numbness or pain that makes it difficult to move the foot, toes or leg

Sciatica SOS

Sciatica SOS is a protocol and all-natural treatment that was developed by Glen Johnson. He is not or has ever claimed to be a physician. However, at the age of 41, he was diagnosed with sciatica, and he has stated the health condition has prevented him from living a normal life with his family. He created this program in response to his frustrations regarding the continuation of his symptoms even though he was on medication and going to chiropractic appointments on a regular basis.

Understanding The Sciatica SOS Program

You can visit the website where Glen Johnson discusses the program at length. However, if you prefer a text version, you can continue to read here.

The main focus of the book is about the sciatica treatment started by the Nepalese. This all natural treatment all began when Glen Johnson was introduced to a tea by a friend of his wife. It was then that he began to notice an improvement with his sciatica. The recipe for this tea is included in the book, along with a thorough explanation of the way it works and how to prepare it.

For many, this may sound a little unbelievable, but consider the fact that there are many nations that do not have access to modern healthcare, and they use natural cures to remedy their health issues.

It is important to know that this friend did not offer a cure for sciatica. Instead, she offered a tea that contained ingredients to help relax the muscles in the body. Within five minutes of drinking the tea, his legs were totally relaxed.

Sciatic pain typically results from some type of damage to the nervous system. This can occur if the nervous system is overactive. There are treatments that are able to relax the nerves, and can dull, numb or stop the pain. Keep in mind, that there are also natural ways make your nerves relax, and this is where Sciatica SOS comes into play.
Sciatica can be cured, but it is important how you choose to do so.

For example, if you choose to take prescription medications, you will likely have to continue taking them just to keep the pain away. Over the long term, this can become very expensive. This has been Glen Johnson’s primary argument for creating this protocol. It involves the use of natural methods to get rid of sciatica for good.

How Does The Program Work?

It is designed to help release the tension that is in the nerves, tendons, joints and muscles that continuously builds every time your body is hit with pain from the sciatic nerve. Its goal is to heal the areas that are afflicted, instead of simply strengthening the muscles.

These types of treatments are very common in Nepal. The people of this area generally choose treatments that provide spiritual and mental benefits along with physical relief. In all honesty, pharmaceutical companies do not take your spiritual and mental health into consideration when creating a medicine for physical pain. The medicine simply treats the symptoms and not the cause of the symptoms. Unfortunately, these medications are designed to be the ‘cure all’ that so many are seeking.

Breakdown Of The Book

The book is divided into two sections. Step one is called the ‘Education’ phase. This phase explains sciatica, why so many people are diagnosed with it and the type of pain is occurring once it begins to affect an individual.
The second phase of the book is entitled ‘Elimination’. It is in this step that the actual treatment is presented to the reader. It also includes a guide that can be incorporated into the reader’s daily routine. It is a very quick and simple read, and you can begin the elimination phase as soon as you have completed reading the book. According to Glen Johnson, you should see an improvement in your condition within a week.

The Pros And Cons Of The Book

As with any product, there are pros and cons, and Sciatica SOS is no different. There are several advantages, however, including:
A 60 day refund policy
Simple to read
Easy to start implementing
Uses only natural solutions
Provides scientific research to back up claims

There are also some disadvantages associated with the product such as:
Speaks negatively about pharmaceutical companies
Requires faith and patience on the reader’s part if they decide to try the method
Promises results in a week – readers can be disappointed if it takes longer
Sciatica SOS can be purchased through ClickBank, and it has an overall rating of A (97/100). It is worth a look if your sciatic pain is affected your daily routine and you are looking for an all-natural treatment.

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